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“Thanks for keeping us a part of the OU tradition no matter where we go”

Servicemen Major Robert Crutchfield and Major Horace McCorvey want to give a big BOOMER SOONER from Afghanistan. Major Crutchfield, shown on the left, is the chief nurse of the 94th Forward Surgical Team serving in Ghazni Province in Afghanistan. He and McCorvey are part of a team that performs emergency surgery on soldiers during battle. They are the most forward surgical unit in the Armed Forces and often come under fire along with the soldiers that they treat.

Crutchfield was born in Sallisaw, Oklahoma and has been in the military since 1983, first as an enlisted infantryman (101st Airborne).

“I have always been a SOONER fan,” he says, “and proudly display my Oklahoma pride wherever I go. Thanks for keeping us a part of the OU tradition no matter where we go.”.

Major Crutchfield has a daughter and grandson back in the States. Comment to give them words of encouragement and tell Crutchfield’s grandson how great his grandpa is!

Major McCorvey is on his third deployment. He graduated with a masters degree in Health Science from Nova
Southeastern University and used to live in Okemah, Oklahoma. His dad still lives there, but McCorvey has a home in Texas where he thoroughly enjoys “rubbing it in” when the Sooners beat the Longhorns.

Two University of Texas Alumni were present when this picture was taken. Crutchfield and McCorvey had to fight them off to take the photo!

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Sooner Boot Girls

Students at the University of Oklahoma put on a pair of combat boots to show their support for our U.S. troops with The Boot Campaign. Check out these Sooners who wanted to say “Thank You!”

Brooke, a senior Nursing major, wanted to put her BOOTS ON to say show her appreciation of those serving in the U.S. military. She says that she is excited to have the Boot Campaign come to OU’s campus so that students can thank those serving for their courageous acts.

This Sooner Boot Girl is Mia, a senior Professional Writing major, here at the University of Oklahoma.

“I wanted to show our troops that I stand behind them, 100%. I am amazed at the courage these men and women have; they sacrifice so much for all of us and I’m so thankful for that. I think [the Boot Campaign is] an amazing opportunity for the students at OU to show their pride in our country!” she says.

Lauren, a freshman studying Elementary Ed believes that The Boot Campaign is a fun way to show your support.

“The boot campaign is an awesome campaign that helps Americans thank the soldiers that are fighting every day for our community. The students at OU will use this as an opportunity to thank them and show our gratitude. I want to say thanks to soldiers because they do so much for our country, so many things that we could never do or repay.”

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Boomer Sooner!

When They Come Back… We Give Back

Several students at the University of Oklahoma have responded to the Boot Campaign’s call to get their boots on and say “thank you” to those serving in the U.S. Military. I’m excited that so many students want to be involved and show their respect for our troops.

More than 1.4 million Americans serve in active duty today. What if for every active duty service member there was a civilian sporting a pair of boots in their honor? That action alone sends an important message to our troops. It says “thank you” for their service to protect and maintain our freedoms, often doing so in dangerous and life-threatening situations. It provides the opportunity for a public, active display of gratitude. It unites ordinary people regardless of political or religious views. It serves as a reminder that when we put our boots on, there are people just like us who have sacrificed their lives to protect ours.

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Most of us at some point have said, “I want to make a difference” and really meant it. But when your to-do list forms a heavy pit in your stomach or someone asks you to cover their shift at work it seems like all you can do is keep your head above water. We’ve all felt that way and we’ve all forgotten of the lives we were going to change.

What if I told you that you could change someone’s life in a big way just by buying a pair of boots? The Boot Campaign had the genius idea of showing support for servicemen and women of the U.S. military by wearing combat boots. By purchasing the Official Give Back boots you too can show your respect for those serving in the military and put a soldier on his way to mental and physical healing. 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of our signature boots and merchandise go to our partner veteran’s charities. The Boot Campaign raised $125,000 in the first month alone and has changed the lives of so many soldiers and their families.

Sooners at the University of Oklahoma are participating in the campaign by posing in a pair of the Official Give Back boots to say “thank you” to those who have served in the military.

Sooners I’m inviting you to boot up and show your support by taking a photo and telling your friends. Like our Facebook page: Sooners In Boots – The Boot Campaign to get information about photoshoots and updates.

I’m sending out the call:


Now it’s your turn to answer.

Sooners in Boots – taking campus by storm

Sooners are putting their boots on at the University of Oklahoma. By posing in a pair of The Boot Campaign‘s combat boots, students can show their respect and support of those serving in the U.S. Military in a unique and personal way. Several students have already gotten on the boot bandwagon and are eager to show their support. If you’d like to pose in a pair of combat boots, “like” the “Sooner in Boots” Facebook page!

Country for our Country

A few weeks ago I went to Country for our Country with the Boot Campaign. Country for our Country is a big concert/fundraiser that benefits the soldiers that fight to protect us.

Look at all these people here to support our troops!

An army cadet tossed his jacket up on stage and country singer Sara Evan sported it with pride. She made sure to show her appreciation for our troops and thanked them for their sacrifices and bravery.

This young man decided to re-enlist after seeing how willing the crowd was to support him and his fellow soldiers. He committed another six years of his life to the army and to our protection.

It was so encouraging to see so many people ready and willing to thank our soldiers. The music was amazing and there was so much love at this event.

Football from a Girl in Boots

Game day in Norman, Oklahoma is big. Now, I mean BIG. Claustrophobes be warned. It’s crazy to see thousands and thousands of people pour onto the University to cheer these guys on.

There’s so much pride here. Everyone’s wearing the school colors crimson and cream, screaming their heads off, and slapping a round of high fives after every touch down. The stadium lights glow across the whole city and the roar of “Boomer, Sooner!” collapses on your ears.

Sometimes I wonder if OU grads, who are now serving in the military, can watch the game from wherever they are around the world. And sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a whole stadium cheering for them, their school glowing with pride and lit up like giant bulb. Imagine! How awesome would that be? For military servicemen and women to be honored by their school, the crowd cheering for them, thundering the stands with their applause. I’d give my right arm to make that happen.

I take pride in my school, in my team, and in my country’s military servicemen and women.  I’d like to give a big BOOMER SOONER! to all the OU grads who are now serving in the military!

Remember 30: A Virtual Memorial

By Boot Girl Myra

In the first seven days this month Americans suffered an enormous loss of life in military operations. Not only 30 lives on August 6th but the five days preceding and the day after claimed lives in several provinces of Afghanistan.  These heartbreaking events remind us that while our most wanted terrorist, Osama Bin Laden is dead, there are many enemies of freedom working to destroy it.   The tragic loss of life this past week in multiple operations is a cruel reminder of this reality.

Stop for a minute today and say a prayer of thanks for your freedom, and for the families who are suffering immeasurable loss on your behalf.  And consider one thing you can do to demonstrate your gratitude for living in a country that values freedom and individual rights.  Here are just a few options to choose from:

Remember 30 – August 25 is the day slated for the national memorial to the 30 lives lost on August 6th.  We ask everyone to put their boots on to honor these fallen and support their families.

Get Your Boots On – Proceeds from boot purchases in the month of August will be donated to UWSF.  So get your boots and make a difference for the spouses whose lives were suddenly altered the first week in August.

Funds donated to the United Warrior Survivor Foundation will be put to use in the immediate response to surviving spouses of Special Operations personnel. This response includes providing Comfort Bags to widows and travel for loved ones and UWSF mentors to be with grieving spouses.

Post A Photo – for the rest of the month of August, use the Remember 30 memorial logo as your profile pic and encourage your friends and family to honor our fallen.

Tell a Friend – when was the last time you told someone what you appreciate about your freedom?  Take a moment and honor all 6178 of our fallen heroes since September 11, 2001, by telling others of your gratitude.

One Nation Under _ _ _.

Texas governor, Rick Perry, has asked the nation to fast and humbly pray for our country. National debt, terrorism, natural disasters; we have all had our share of destruction or worry.

Thousands of people are gathering to pray and fast for the welfare of our country. I’m glad that they have the freedom to openly pray and ask the nation to do the same. That’s what our servicemen and women have fought and died for; men like the U.S. troops and Navy SEALS who were shot down from a helicopter by the Taliban just recently. That disaster was the highest single-day toll since the war started ten years ago.

So, today I’ve got my boots on for those men who died, and I’m fasting and praying for my country. I know I can’t do much, I can’t end terrorism or write and world-saving bill, but I will do what I can even if that means just getting on my knees. I will be humble for my country.

I have been humbled learning about the brave men who have waged this War on Terror and go where they are called, even to the hellish desert. What can I do for men like that? What can I do for my country that has given me the luxury of freedom, education, and a good life? I can get off my high-horse, leave the world-of-me, and ask for help. I am confident that my fate does not lie in the hands of government officials or terrorists. My fate lies in the hands of my Creator.