Box on my doorstep

My boots came!

And these aren’t  just any pair of boots, these are my military grade combat boots from The Boot Campaign!

By buying a pair on their website you help aid returning wounded U.S. soldiers.

I laced them up right away and was surprised at how heavy they were, heavy with expectation America has for her servicemen. I felt a bit strange at first, as though I was a kid playing dress up, clomping around like I did in my mother’s heels when I was little. The thing is, I grew into those heels, but I felt as though I would never grow into these boots. That would require training, both physical and mental, and facing fears that I have scarcely thought about.

It takes a special kind of person to put on those boots and fill them. I want to support that person, to empathize with him as he trains running mile after mile, knowing that when he bends over gasping for air the boots he sees are the same as mine. I want the soldier in Afghanistan to know that when he’s walking the village streets there are a pair of boots back home walking the street he keeps free. I want those soldiers to know that though they are far away they are not forgotten.

The Boot Campaign’s message is that “When they come back, we give back.” So this summer I’ve got my boots on. I’m wearing my boots everyday to support our servicemen and spread the word of how people can help our soldiers and show how proud we are of them.


One thought on “Box on my doorstep

  1. Sydney you just made one mother so proud! You have a gift of writing and I hope you continue that gift that God has given you!

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