Capitol Idea

My family and I are in D.C. this week for vacation. Today was our major walking day around the city, so of course I had my boots on. Here’s a pic taken at the WWII Memorial:

Here is a section on the memorial that honors Texans who served in WWII.

There is a panel on the way to the WWII Memorial that depicted women assisting on the homefront and guess what… they’re in boots. Nice to see there were past boot girls.

The Women’s Memorial at the Vietnam Memorial showed female nurses with their boots on.

And this is why I’ve got my boots on, because freedom isn’t free.


3 thoughts on “Capitol Idea

  1. Love this. I have pictures at the exact same place from a few summers ago! (Except I posed in front of Oklahoma haha). In fact, I have one of my mother who served the navy at the Pentagon standing in front of that same quote in the first picture. This is really great Sydney!

    • Wow thanks Mia! Working for the Boot Campaign has really opened up my eyes to the necessity of honoring our servicemen and women. It’s really cool how your mom posed in the same spot haha. My grandpa was in the Navy too. I wrote about him in the post Survivor.
      P.S. You are awesome and I’m really sad that I’m not reading your stories every week anymore.
      And you would not believe how many OU people I see walking around here, it’s ridiculous.

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