Man, I wish I had a pedometer

Ok, so I’m pretty sure over the past couple of days I’ve walked a gazillion miles. These boots have been making tracks!

Here are my boots at Mt. Vernon. The back yard has the best springy grass! Perfect for afternoon naps!

This is where we ate in Alexandria: Bilbo Baggins!!! Yeah, I squealed when we found it. But the funny thing is that the tables are set up really high so when your waiter come up he looks short, like a hobbit.

“I am a hobbit in every way but size” – J.R.R. Tolkien.

Supreme Court building! There are some steps further up that apparently you aren’t supposed to stand on, because I got in trouble. But the cop that came up to me asked if I was in the Corps (I assumed Marines because my boots are from that branch). I replied no, I’m with the Boot Campaign! And he said that he had boots exactly like mine when he was in the Corps.  So, it was nice to meet you Mr. Policeman, thank you for serving our country!

Next is the Capitol. This place is HUGE! When I was a junior in high school my class did a midnight tour with Louie Gohmert. He’s really nice… I wonder if he’s got his boots on…

Ok… I don’t know if you’ve figured this out yet, but I’m a super duper book nerd. I’m moving into the Library of Congress, packing up everything and moving here.

And then! Tadaaaaa! The National Gallery of Art! My boots squeaked a lot on the polished floor haha

  My favorite medium of art is probably marble. I love sculptures! It’s three dimensions of awesome! The have just halls and halls of sculpted marble… gives me shivers.








One of my favorite periods is French Neoclassicism. Pretty colors, very romantic. I could spend DAYS in this museum, but we didn’t have much time.

I wanted to pull a “Claudia and Jamie,” like in the book From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. The children run away to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and hide in the bathroom until all of the security guards leave. Once everyone is gone they come out, bathe in the fountain, and sleep in Louie XVI’s bed. Every time I go to a museum I kind of see it through Claudia’s and Jamie’s eyes, as if I’m picking out a room of my own. My room in the National Gallery is the Degas room, full of his ballerinas.


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