Pirate Boot-y

On the second leg of our family adventure we are staying on Ocracoke Island, favorite hangout spot of the insidious pirate Blackbeard! They found his ship in this area, proving he is far more than old mermaid’s tales. Even now, Ocracoke is remote and (blissfully) is not crowded, even on the beaches.

So while everybody else is wearing sandals, I’ve got my boots on! This is in honor of all of those servicemen and women who fight for me, but can’t be on vacation right now. Wish you were here!

Notice how there is nobody in the background, and look at all those shells! So Blackbeard, in my book, had choice real-estate.

Even though I’m here, I kind of miss the lovely ladies of the Boot Campaign office.

But right now, I’m gonna be a pirate. Look! I’ve already found some doubloons!

And check this out! Multiply this by twenty and you’ve got our total shell collection.


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