Where the SEALS began

My family and I are lounging on the beach at Ocracoke, North Carolina, and I look around me at the vacant shore and miles of sand and think, “This would be the perfect place to train Navy SEALS.”

I mean, look at all this beach, just miles and miles of it, not to mention the little surrounding islands, like Portsmouth, which is a ghost town and is uninhabited.

Come to find out from talking with a local, the Navy SEALS practically began here in World War II! There was a Navy base on Ocracoke in the 1940’s and from there stemmed the training of Beach Jumpers, an amphibious stealth force. They trained secretly then were sent over to the Pacific for combat. These Beach Jumpers were the beginning of the Navy SEALS we are honored to know today. The Navy base was disassembled shortly after the war ended, but there’s a memorial honoring the Beach Jumpers on the way to our favorite beach spot.

The Ocracokers can tell you some really awesome stuff about the island. It’s full of history! They can tell you where Blackbeard anchored his ship, about the British Cemetary , and German U-boats, all sorts of stuff, but the only problem is they are so hard to understand. They kind of sound like Australians, but they finish their words in a hurry.

But if you ask a local and listen really diligently, you can get an earful of the colorful history of the North Carolinian island.


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