I’m a Boot Nerd

The Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2 premier has been making headlines all over the world. A whole generation of youngsters has grown up with Harry, and now, as he faces the end so must we.

So here I am outside the local theater, awaiting midnight and the beginning of the end. Crowds of people twisted their way through lines that went all the way out the door. I’m dressed up as Tonks, the spunky Auror (Dark Wizard Catcher).

Waiting for the movie to start is probably the best part of the experience. People are walking around dressed up as Dobby, Snape, and Hagrid and erupting into enthusiastic renditions of songs from A Very Potter Musical such as “I’ve gotta get back to Hogwarts” and “I’m Harry Freaking Potter.”It’s wonderful! It’s great having a crowd of people just seem to understand one another. Sing one line of “Voldemort is going down” and you’ve instantly become the friend of the person next to you.

This is probably the nerdiest way possible to support our troops, wearing boots to the midnight premier of Deathly Hallows. But hey, they went well with my cloak.

I don’t see why people think the term “nerd” is insulting. Nerds get excited about stuff, it’s just what they do. So, someone saying you’re a nerd is like saying, “You like stuff a lot. You get super excited about the human capacity of ingenuity.”

So, I guess that means I’m a Boot Nerd too, because I’m super excited to support our troops!

Once inside the theater, we read the closing chapters of Deathly Hallows by wand-light. Seeing the theater fill up, I was amazing at how Harry’s story had touched the lives of so many people. Stories are powerful. What made me care so much about the Boot Campaign was reading Marcus Luttrell’s story, Lone Survivor. They stay with you, they make you see the world differently. I couldn’t help but think that maybe someday, the Boot Campaign could have such an audience for soldiers’ stories. Maybe someday there would be a bunch of Boot Nerds walking around excited to show their appreciation.

Nerds Unite! Big things start out small, like the boy in the cupboard beneath the stairs.


2 thoughts on “I’m a Boot Nerd

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