One Nation Under _ _ _.

Texas governor, Rick Perry, has asked the nation to fast and humbly pray for our country. National debt, terrorism, natural disasters; we have all had our share of destruction or worry.

Thousands of people are gathering to pray and fast for the welfare of our country. I’m glad that they have the freedom to openly pray and ask the nation to do the same. That’s what our servicemen and women have fought and died for; men like the U.S. troops and Navy SEALS who were shot down from a helicopter by the Taliban just recently. That disaster was the highest single-day toll since the war started ten years ago.

So, today I’ve got my boots on for those men who died, and I’m fasting and praying for my country. I know I can’t do much, I can’t end terrorism or write and world-saving bill, but I will do what I can even if that means just getting on my knees. I will be humble for my country.

I have been humbled learning about the brave men who have waged this War on Terror and go where they are called, even to the hellish desert. What can I do for men like that? What can I do for my country that has given me the luxury of freedom, education, and a good life? I can get off my high-horse, leave the world-of-me, and ask for help. I am confident that my fate does not lie in the hands of government officials or terrorists. My fate lies in the hands of my Creator.


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