Remember 30: A Virtual Memorial

By Boot Girl Myra

In the first seven days this month Americans suffered an enormous loss of life in military operations. Not only 30 lives on August 6th but the five days preceding and the day after claimed lives in several provinces of Afghanistan.  These heartbreaking events remind us that while our most wanted terrorist, Osama Bin Laden is dead, there are many enemies of freedom working to destroy it.   The tragic loss of life this past week in multiple operations is a cruel reminder of this reality.

Stop for a minute today and say a prayer of thanks for your freedom, and for the families who are suffering immeasurable loss on your behalf.  And consider one thing you can do to demonstrate your gratitude for living in a country that values freedom and individual rights.  Here are just a few options to choose from:

Remember 30 – August 25 is the day slated for the national memorial to the 30 lives lost on August 6th.  We ask everyone to put their boots on to honor these fallen and support their families.

Get Your Boots On – Proceeds from boot purchases in the month of August will be donated to UWSF.  So get your boots and make a difference for the spouses whose lives were suddenly altered the first week in August.

Funds donated to the United Warrior Survivor Foundation will be put to use in the immediate response to surviving spouses of Special Operations personnel. This response includes providing Comfort Bags to widows and travel for loved ones and UWSF mentors to be with grieving spouses.

Post A Photo – for the rest of the month of August, use the Remember 30 memorial logo as your profile pic and encourage your friends and family to honor our fallen.

Tell a Friend – when was the last time you told someone what you appreciate about your freedom?  Take a moment and honor all 6178 of our fallen heroes since September 11, 2001, by telling others of your gratitude.


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