Football from a Girl in Boots

Game day in Norman, Oklahoma is big. Now, I mean BIG. Claustrophobes be warned. It’s crazy to see thousands and thousands of people pour onto the University to cheer these guys on.

There’s so much pride here. Everyone’s wearing the school colors crimson and cream, screaming their heads off, and slapping a round of high fives after every touch down. The stadium lights glow across the whole city and the roar of “Boomer, Sooner!” collapses on your ears.

Sometimes I wonder if OU grads, who are now serving in the military, can watch the game from wherever they are around the world. And sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a whole stadium cheering for them, their school glowing with pride and lit up like giant bulb. Imagine! How awesome would that be? For military servicemen and women to be honored by their school, the crowd cheering for them, thundering the stands with their applause. I’d give my right arm to make that happen.

I take pride in my school, in my team, and in my country’s military servicemen and women.  I’d like to give a big BOOMER SOONER! to all the OU grads who are now serving in the military!


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