“Thanks for keeping us a part of the OU tradition no matter where we go”

Servicemen Major Robert Crutchfield and Major Horace McCorvey want to give a big BOOMER SOONER from Afghanistan. Major Crutchfield, shown on the left, is the chief nurse of the 94th Forward Surgical Team serving in Ghazni Province in Afghanistan. He and McCorvey are part of a team that performs emergency surgery on soldiers during battle. They are the most forward surgical unit in the Armed Forces and often come under fire along with the soldiers that they treat.

Crutchfield was born in Sallisaw, Oklahoma and has been in the military since 1983, first as an enlisted infantryman (101st Airborne).

“I have always been a SOONER fan,” he says, “and proudly display my Oklahoma pride wherever I go. Thanks for keeping us a part of the OU tradition no matter where we go.”.

Major Crutchfield has a daughter and grandson back in the States. Comment to give them words of encouragement and tell Crutchfield’s grandson how great his grandpa is!

Major McCorvey is on his third deployment. He graduated with a masters degree in Health Science from Nova
Southeastern University and used to live in Okemah, Oklahoma. His dad still lives there, but McCorvey has a home in Texas where he thoroughly enjoys “rubbing it in” when the Sooners beat the Longhorns.

Two University of Texas Alumni were present when this picture was taken. Crutchfield and McCorvey had to fight them off to take the photo!

Share this photo to tell these men “thank you” and comment to give their friends and family words of encouragement!

Like the Facebook Page: Sooners in Boots – The Boot Campaign to show support with the Boot Campaign for our U.S. soldiers.


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